The Best Primer for Oily Skin in 2017- Top Expert Reviews & Picks

“In our commitment to provide you with simplest the high-quality products in order to suit your pores and skin kind, we have collected and reviewed five of the hottest primers for oily pores and skin available in the marketplace today. After hours of studies, we’ve picked what we feel is the best primer for shiny skin based totally on the products’ capacity to govern oil and shine, staying energy and fee for cash.”

At A Glance: Our Top Choices for the Best Primers for Oily Skin

If you’re going for a protracted lasting satin end, you’d love E.L.F.’s Mineral Infused Face Primer. It transforms your face into a smooth canvas because it combats enlarged pores and excess oil.

It also comes with an air pump packaging which we think is a new and engaging manner of dispensing the product.

A moisturized face and a smooth, matte finish is what the Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Maybelline New York can offer. It instantly blurs out pores for that beautiful, “poreless” face.

The Shine Killer by NYX also guarantees to maintain you fresh all day lengthy with its matte end. A need-to-have in combatting shine, you may put on it under makeup or with the aid of itself for a greater natural appearance.

If you need assist diffusing light, then select Revlon’s Photoready Perfecting Primer. Extremely light-weight, it allows even out skin tone and minimizes flaws and imperfections.

It also can be worn on its personal, perfect for days whilst you want to go “naked.”

Our last object is the Thank Me Later Eye Primer by way of Elizabeth Mott. Waterproof and lightweight, it helps eye ultimate makeup longer and stops it from creasing.

#1- Mineral Infused Face Primer via e.L.F

Best Primer for Oily Skin - e.l.f.’s Mineral Infused Face Primer
End your combat against enlarged pores and extra oil with this excellent primer for greasy skin and large pores. With an extra wonderful and even skin, you could watch as your makeup goes on easily and results easily.

The result is a satin finish that lasts all day. For someone who loves makeup, those are true information.

You’ll also love that this product has been examined through makeup experts that’s one of the motives why we suppose it’s the excellent foundation primer for greasy skin. Silicone-primarily based, this primer can sincerely assist you to attain that “poreless” look.

It is also moderately-priced, something that I discover pleasant in view that there are lots of mattifying primers that could result in reality burn holes on your wallet. If you’ve heard the announcing “why pay extra if you could get the same first-rate for much less?”, then this one is a reflection of that.

What We Like:
Comes in an air-pump bottle
What We Didn’t Like:
Offers a satin finish
Can depart a silicone-y feeling on skin
Packaging can be misleading
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#2 – Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser through Maybelline New York
Best Primer for Oily Skin review - Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser by Maybelline New York

Another have-to-have primer for those managing vivid and greasy pores, and skin is the Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser with the aid of Maybelline New York.

Completely lightweight, this primer leaves you with a matte end and baby smooth pores and skin. It also blurs out pores and may be worn even with out a moisturizer.

The best cheap primer for shiny pores and skin, this product is free from any hint of fragrance. It is non-comedogenic considering that clogged pores are your oily pores and skin’s worst enemy.

The primer additionally includes Propylene glycol and Dimethicone cross polymer. The former moisturizes the skin even as the latter serves as a pores and skin protectant.

This way that other than getting an excellent face primer, you are additionally included in opposition to the harsh elements of regular life.​

What We Like:
Offers matte finish
With delivered moisturizers
What We Didn’t Like:
May no longer look correct without makeup
Foundation can get difficult to mixture in
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#3 – Shine Killer via NYX
Top rated Primer for Oily Skin - Shine Killer by NYX

Shine Killer through NYX is a superb face primer for shiny pores and skin due to the fact it can surely depart you shine-free the entire day. It can also be worn on its personal if you’re the individual who’s into minimum make-up.

This product sells like hotcakes in NYX’s website. It’s considerably in-call for and for all the proper motives.

Aside from a matte finish, the primer can also help your makeup stay in the vicinity even after going to the fitness center. I’m not kidding here as there are customers of this product which could without a doubt attest to that.

It doesn’t come with any perfume or feels heavy at the pores and skin.​

What We Like:
Leaves a matte end
What We Didn’t Like:
May now not paintings for anyone
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#4 – Photoready Perfecting Primer by way of Revlon
Top picks Primer for Oily Skin - Revlon’s Photoready Perfecting Primer

The excellent drugstore primer for oily pores and skin, this product reflects and bends light to limit imperfections. It additionally has a slight purple tint to it, making it ideal for dealing with any discoloration.

The colour would possibly freak you out, but relaxation confident that it’ll turn apparent as soon as it units in.

Aside from being the little makeup primer for greasy skin, it’s also exceptional for people with sensitive pores and skin. It’s freed from parabens, fragrance, talc, and oil- precisely the belongings you would not need to apply on your oily pores and skin.

​What We Like:
Comes in a pump bottle
Gives a matte end
What We Didn’t Like:
Can purpose breakouts
Can have a slight burning sensation
Can make make-up appearance cakery
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#5 – Thank Me Later Eye Primer via Elizabeth Mott
Best Primer for Oily Skin - Thank Me Later Eye Primer by Elizabeth Mott

Because it maintains eyeshadow from fading and creasing, this product is the excellent eye primer for greasy skin. It is also water-resistant and lightweight.

The product doesn’t come reasonably-priced. However, you received need to apply too much of it anyway so one bottle can ultimate you for a long time.

A little of this primer genuinely goes a protracted way.

With a silky method, this primer dries out obvious and preps the eyelids to make your eyeshadow lasts longer. It also intensifies the color- a perfect hack if you want to make your eye coloration pop better.​

What We Like:
Not examined on animals
Can request for a pattern before buying
What We Didn’t Like:
Very high priced
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The Role of Primers

From the name itself, making use of a face primer ought to continually be step one in every body’s make-up routine, maximum mainly when you have truely oily skin. If you believe you studied you don’t need them in your life, you may want to reconsider.

​Available in powder, gel, and cream shape, primers put together the skin in your foundation or tinted moisturizer.

So by preparing, I suggest giving your cosmetics something to maintain onto. As a result, you get makeup that lasts the entire day.

Primers additionally help control big pores, wrinkles and mild strains. Some of them can even color-correct so that you don’t only get long lasting makeup but better insurance, too.

The Best Type of Primer for Oily Skin​

Wearing makeup if you have oily skin is certainly irritating. Because of the extra oil, make-up has a tendency to “soften” which can make it nearly impossible to gain that natural, polished appearance.

So, is carrying make-up for us with oily pores and skin only a dream? Not actually.

Human beings with oily pores and skin should opt for silicone-primarily based primers as this help fill massive pores. You have to also appearance out for something that’s lightweight.​

Since clogged pores are commonly the end result of having oily skin, choosing something with a thick formulation might not be an excellent concept.

The first-rate kind of primer for shiny skin ought to provide a mattifying end. If you are uncertain about how a product dries, do a small check at the again of your hand first earlier than shopping it.

It have to dry absolutely, without any shine or greasy feeling.

People with oily pores and skin must keep away from primers that supply out a “dewy” or “illuminating” end as they could best accentuate your pores and skin’s natural shine.​

The Best Tips On How To Keep Your Makeup Long Lasting​

Oily skin is a lot tough to work with when it comes to make-up. If you’ve ever experienced spending a whole hour doing all your makeup most capable to discover it greasing up just half-hour once you have set everything in the region, then you definitively have a quite precise concept what I’m speaking about.

For oil manage and longer lasting makeup, right here are a few thoughts you can attempt:​

Always start with an easy, clean face. See to it that there aren’t any oil leftovers, as this can only contribute to greater oiliness.
Using a toner that has oil-manage assets can assist lessen your pores and skin’s shine highly.
Choose the right pores and skin care product. For oily skin, avoid moisturizers with masses of oils in it and stay with water-primarily based or gel formulation while carrying makeup.
Do now not put creams right to your eyelid if you are going to put on eyeshadows. The moisturizing homes of eye creams can handiest motive your make-up to easily smash aside.
Don’t forget about to blot. Instead of reapplying powder to take in oil, use a blotting paper to keep away from making your cosmetics appearance clumpy.
Wearing a primer is essential for oily skin. If you haven’t invested in one, you’re missing out loads.
Opt for longevity about deciding on cosmetics. Something that isn’t of a protracted-lasting formula is simply going to interrupt down.
Choose waterproof formulas. This merchandise can help make sure that your eye make-up won’t turn out to be everywhere in the location, specially concerning eye make-up.
Use a good putting powder to seal on your make-up efficaciously. An excellent method to strive is the “baking” approach.


We all understand how a good deal of a problem having oily skin may be. Moreover, if you suppose that sporting make-up can clear up the problem, think once more.

Wearing makeup simply makes it even worse. Oily skin can “melt” your make-up, so you’ll constantly become with a messy, untidy appearance.

However, that’s why primers are invented, and that’s why we’re here.

Maybelline New York’s Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser is our pick as the excellent primer for greasy skin. Aside from being extremely lightweight, it additionally offers you that matte end for that oil-free look.

It’s also free from any fragrances, making it ideal for those with touch noses. Priced simply proper, there now is not any excuse not to include this for your makeup package.