Best Survival Knife Reviews 2017 in the World – The Ultimate Guide From Beginner To Expert

YES! You are now not John Rambo, moving hastily and silently through the jungle carrying war get dressed uniform pants, a %-framing tank pinnacle and a headscarf, equipped to pounce on unsuspecting Viet Cong squaddies. You do not have a serrated blade, a hole-handled broadsword of a knife to filet soldiers from Pinnacle to toe. You are just a median Joe with a few outside revel in, lost in the woods after you have separated from your trekking pal, and it is getting bloodless and darkish. You have were given some safety suits, a water bottle, a thin down jacket, a daypack and a bag of jerky and, fortunately, a fixed-blade knife.

In a survival situation, an excellent fixed-blade knife is the most critical tool you could have. A nicely-made fixed-blade knife is necessary for making shelters, acquiring firewood, cutting rope, batoning/splitting wood and skinning sport. Seriously, what are you supposed to apply, your fingers?


Essential Survival Knives That Could Save Your Life

So you are heading out on an adventure within the wilderness and getting all the important survival tools collectively in case you have any problems. Number one on the listing? Survival knives. However, with so many one-of-a-kind alternatives out there, how do you understand what the pleasant survival knives to choose are? Whether you are an outside novice or a hardened survival-list like Bear Grylls, having the right knife on you can make all the difference.

While our outside survival manual touches in brief on knives, we notion we would delve into it in extra element here – and cover the fundamentals while we are at it. So right here are the ten quality survival knives to meet your exploration desires.


What to Know Before You Buy


Tips and recommendation that will help you pick out the fine blade.
You cannot only buy a Chinese-made knife for $10 at the flea marketplace and anticipate it to take extreme punishment inside the discipline. Cheaper four hundred collection steel is utilized in abundance in these “good buy” knives due to the fact they sharpen without problems — but they are able to keep the edge and feature feeble blade energy. These may additionally appear like the real address competitive designs, but the blade will surely smash while you put it to project — potentially injuring yourself and leaving you very, very stranded.

Double-side looks cool however compromises blade electricity, and it is able to be used for tasks like prying and batoning wood. Contrary to what you would possibly assume, an excellent survival knife is used along the way more like a tool than a weapon. Plus, there may be times when you will need to hold the backbone of the knife to execute finer obligations. The blade itself should not be thin because the way it doesn’t take plenty abuse. Look for a drop-point knife blade — one that slopes alongside the spine of the blade from the take care of to the tip of the blade. Also, a “stomach” or curved side is preferred, because it makes skinning and finer chores less difficult. Avoid the tanto-fashion blade, despite the fact that they tend to be thicker (and consequently stronger) on the tip; the shortage of a belly makes slicing a chore.

Full-tang construction way the blade extends the entire period of the knife, all the manner to the cease of the deal with. A full tang lends structural energy to the knife, taking into account higher leverage while forcing the blade against a heavy item; the whole lot is one unit. Partial tangs, meanwhile, lack power while extreme pressure is implemented, relying more on the strength of the bond among the deal with and the blade — think one long metal beam versus two attached at a midpoint.

You are now not in a knife combat with Steven Seagal, so your survival knife does not need to appear like a warfare device with a large deal with and chainsaw teeth. Sure, a serrated aspect seems harsh, but it is less sensible inside the area than you believe you studied. A plain (or natural) blade is some distance extra versatile due to the fact it can carry out the same discipline duties as serrated, like cutting rope, higher than its toothed brother. Of path, you could regularly go with an aggregate side (straightforward and serrated) in case you simply need to have your sawtooth.

The grind is greatly defined by way of looking straight at the knife tip, as though it is being thrust upon you. The shape of the cross-section of blade wherein the backbone is the pinnacle, and the threshold is at the lowest is the grind. A knife’s grind relies upon on its intended use. A flat grind, wherein every side of the blade tapers flat from the spine to the threshold, is probably the maximum utilitarian and flexible — first-rate for cutting, splitting wood and batoning. It also can be without problems sharpened inside the discipline. Check the knife’s grind and make certain it fits your number one duties first-rate.

A knife that’s close to machete size might appear magnificent, but if a set blade knife is too big, it receives unwieldy. You are greater apt to want it for regular duties like playing a department for kindling than whacking through rainforest vines on your archaeological adventures, Indy. A knife has to be controllable. On the other hand, if it is too small, you then I will be screwed while you need to do the heavier jobs. A proper rule is to keep blade size between 4 and 7 inches. Overall knife length has to stay around eleven inches ideally.

Grip, feel and take care of substances are nearly as essential because of the blade, itself. Steer clear of the hole and plastic handles. Kraton (synthetic rubber polymer), Micarta (resin-impregnated linen composite), G10 (resin-impregnated fiberglass), glass-bolstered nylon, dense timber or rubber are pleasant for strength, sturdiness, and grip. If a knife is tough to keep nicely beneath stress, you could lose it or significantly injure yourself. Also, search for useful capabilities like a blunt quit (for hammering) and a lanyard hole to thread rope via to maintain the knife around your wrist. Steer clean of the compartment handle with the compass at the quit.



Honestly, most of the knives protected above are super alternatives; but there are a few that we only want to point out as our favorites. Below you will find our Pinnacle five options for standard high-quality survival knife along side greater a more particular evaluate of every. So, pull up your testing chair, let’s dig into those options.


The Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Companion is one of the maximum popular survival knives in the marketplace nowadays. With over 1000 evaluations on Amazon, this makes it now not best nicely-tried, however also properly reviewed. (You can examine all the one’s evaluations with the aid of clicking the hyperlink underneath).


Here are some points well worth citing approximately the knife:

• Blade type: drop factor
• Overall duration: 10.Five”
• Blade duration: 5.25.”
• Blade cloth: 1095 Cro-Van
• Rockwell Hardness: fifty six-fifty-eight HRC
• Handle Material: Ultramid
• Sheath fabric: Nylon
• Weight: sixteen ounces.

Looking at the knife, you can see why human beings love it. Not best does it have a drop point blade design that is well perfect for survival use, it capabilities a heavy responsibility creation with a 5.25 inch blade made from 1095 Cro-van (adds both Chromium and Vanadium to Carbon and Manganese) non-stainless, excessive carbon, tool steel with a Rockwell Hardness of fifty-six to fifty-eight and a the thick saber grind that lets in it to be honed to a satisfactory aspect.

It Also capabilities a totally ergonomic take care of layout made from Ultamid which is a custom made polyamide that adamant and impervious the absorption of moisture. Due to its medium size, it is nicely suited as each camp knife and a bushcraft/application knife considering it will carry out maximum any small challenge asked of it from skinning game animals to making ready an evening meal.

However, every other reason it is so popular is the charge! With the great layout, craftsmanship, length, and durability, you would assume something at the higher stop. However, for less than $70, you could upload this terrific survival device to your series!



Specifically designed to be an army grade survival knife, the Gerber LMF II is a totally well designed little knife. Although it is manner too small to be a powerful cutting tool and its design is not always specially well perfect to the position of the camp knife, it is miles an excellent little application knife. Here are a few capabilities well worth mentioning below:

Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife

• Blade kind: drop factor
• Overall Duration: 10.59.”
• Blade duration: four.Eighty-four.”
• Blade cloth: 420 HC
• Rockwell Hardness: Unknown
• Handle material: Glass Filled Nylon
• Sheath fabric: nylon
• Weight: eleven.Sixty-seven oz.

The LMF II Infantry has a four.Eighty-four” drop factor blade layout crafted from 420HC chrome steel with a deep saber grind and a serrated slicing side. The serrations and the glass breaker at the pommel are indicative of its navy mindset because the serrations on the cutting edge aren’t especially nicely perfect for sharpening stakes and staves nor for carving notches however, they may be as an alternative beneficial whilst cutting a seat belt to go out a downed aircraft or for sawing your manner out of an aircraft fuselage or a helicopter cover.

Also, it functions a very well designed five.75” take care of made from glass stuffed nylon with a textured rubber coating this is almost indestructible and is impervious to the absorption of moisture, and it has an integral double finger defend with jumping at the inner edges to enhance the grip.Furthermore, the designers of this knife had the forethought to encompass two lanyard holes in the finger defend so that the knife may be lashed to staff or pole to create a makeshift spear to protect the person from assault by predatory animals or to be used as a temporary hunting device.

The Gerber LMF II Infantry knife is well applicable for a myriad of small software jobs in a survival situation.



Another one of Gerber’s line of a fixed blade, army, survival knives, the Strong Arm is designed to function a small software survival knife. In fact, it functions a four.Eight” drop point blade nearly identical to the LMF II Infantry version listed above. Here are many of the features worth searching at for this knife.

Gerber Strong Arm Survival Knife

• Blade kind: drop point
• Overall period: nine.Eight”
• Blade duration: 4.8.”
• Edge fabric: 420 HC
• Rockwell Hardness: Unknown
• Handle material: Glass Filled Nylon
• Sheath material: nylon
• Weight: 7.2 oz.

Like the LMF II, the Strong Arm is likewise crafted from 420HC chrome steel with a hard, black, ceramic coating to besides decorate the steel’s corrosion resistance and to offer a stealthy look while utilized in tactical situations. However, not like the LMF II Infantry model, the Strong Arm is available either without or with serrations. Due to its small size, it’s miles too small to be effective at even light slicing tasks, and it’s far a bit on the small side for an excellent camp knife but, it does make and first-rate software or “bushcraft” knife for jobs that require a considerable amount of manage over the blade.

Of direction, helping in that manipulate is the ergonomic and appropriately designed 5” deal with crafted from glass crammed nylon with a textured rubber coating this is nearly indestructible and is impervious to the absorption of moisture. Also, it has a fundamental double finger defend with jimping on the inside edges to improve the grip.

Plus, it comes with a heavy responsibility, nylon, modular sheath device that can be established vertically on a MOLLE vest, horizontally on a well known 1.75-inch belt, as a drop leg strap mount. The Gerber Strong Arm knife is a well-designed software survival knife for small jobs with its 420HC stainless steel blade and it’s almost strong, rubber lined, take care of and modular nylon sheath system.

Like many another pinnacle Gerber merchandise, the Gerber Strong arm it is far a knife that you could depend upon in a survival situation.



Ka Bar Full Size US Marine Knife

Recognized global as a real icon amongst combat knives, the KA-BAR U.S.M.C. Fighting and Utility Knife is their maximum well-known knife! In truth, the simplest other combat knives as extensively identified because the traditional “KA-BAR” are the Sykes/Fairbairn and Sykes/Applegate double edged daggers issued to British infantrymen at some stage in WW1 and WWII and the “Kukri” issued to Nepalese Gurkha troops. Even although there’s an honest bit if records behind the KA-BAR combating knife, right here are some capabilities that the knife boasts:

• Blade type: drop point
• Overall duration: eleven.875”
• Blade length: 7.”
• Rockwell Hardness: 56-fifty eight HRC
• Handle cloth: leather
• Sheath fabric: leather-based
• Blade cloth: 1095 Cro-Van High Carbon Steel
• Weight: zero.7 lb.

Featuring a heavy duty, 7”, clip factor blade with a saber grind crafted from 1095 Cro-Van (adds both Chromium and Vanadium to Carbon and Manganese) high carbon device metal with a black, corrosion resistant, coating and a Rockwell Hardness of fifty six-fifty-eight. This knife follows the conventional Bowie knife layout and not only is it eminently nicely proper as a combat knife, but it’s also extremely well ideal as a heavy responsibility survival knife.

In reality, although there are a whole lot of survival knives in the marketplace nowadays, considering the blade layout and the steady creation of this knife combined with its relatively low MSRP, it might tough to pick a better knife. In addition, for the ones of you who like a bit of nostalgia, the handle of this knife is made from thick, leather discs stacked on a stick tang with a double finger protect at one give up and secured with a metal pommel cap on the alternative to assist balance the knife close to the hilt. Plus, the leather discs have been sealed to make them impervious to the absorption of moisture while still providing an excellent grip.

Lastly, as an attractive upload-on feature, it comes with a hefty obligation leather-based sheath stamped with each the KA-BAR and U.S.M.C. Trademarks.



Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife

Without a doubt, Fallkniven is one of the gold standard production knife companies in the business these days, and the Fallkniven A1L Survival Knife is a most beneficial instance of their dedication to producing excessive exceptional knives. Here are some of the excellent factors of the A1L:

• Blade kind: clip point
• Blade period: 6.3.”
• Overall duration: eleven.”
• Blade cloth: VG-10
• Rockwell Hardness: fifty-nine HRC
• Handle Material: Kraton rubber
• Weight: 12 oz.

Featuring a 6.3 inch clip point blade made from a middle of VG-10 chrome steel with a Rockwell Hardness of fifty-nine HRC laminated between two layers of softer stainless steel with a saber grind that extends almost to the back of the blade combined with a spine that measures a full .24 inches, that is actually one of the strongest survival knives you could purchase! Also, it functions hidden tang production with a completely ergonomic, diamond textured, Kraton rubber, take care of with a quintessential finger guard, for a non-slip grip.

Plus, it comes with a heavy responsibility black leather-based sheath that has a single snap strap. Although the blade is a piece too brief to make an active slicing device, it is far an impressive instance of what a camp knife ought to be. Due to its standard reason blade layout, it is far one of the excellent viable alternatives for a barren region survival knife for appearing nearly each mission you may want to do from slicing to reducing to skinning.



Buck 0119 Survival Knife Final

An apparently iconic instance of the general cause “camp knife,” the Buck Knives version 119 “Special” has been a necessary a part of the Buck line of classic knives when you consider that 1945 while Hoyt and Al Buck used to construct them by way of a hand of their guy shop. Here’s are the specs:

• Blade type: clip factor
• Overall period: 10.Five”
• Blade duration: 6.”
• Blade cloth: 420 HC
• Rockwell Hardness: 58 HRC
• Handle material: phenolic plastic
• Sheath fabric: leather-based
• Weight: 7.5 oz.

In reality, as it functions a 6” Clip Point blade with a hole grind crafted from 420 HC stainless steel with a Rockwell Hardness of 58 HRC, it is an superb design for a large number of survival obligations together with trimming branches and carving notches for traps and snares as well as skinning sport and other fashionable motive jobs.

It is not nicely suitable for cutting due to its particularly mild blade and balance factor close to the hilt. Plus, despite the fact that the hole grind on the blade allows it to be honed to a very first-rate part for reducing and slicing, it additionally permits the threshold to be dull more easily when the knife is used to cut.

On the opposite hand, the four half”, black phenolic plastic, cope with is both massive enough quite simply to fill the hand and may be very ergonomic. Plus it is complimented with the aid of a double finger defend up front and an elegant aluminum butt cap within the rear which virtually sets off the pitch black cope with. Anyone who is aware of knives can spot a Buck knife at a glance just by noting the excellent manage layout.

For the ones people who respect classics and antiques, the Buck Model 119 Special is the general motive survival knife (aka “camp knife”) to have because it is miles an exceptionally well-designed knife for this reason. In reality, this knife is so appropriately designed that it has been in non-stop production for 70 years which isn’t always only a testimony to both its capability and its reputation, however a strong argument that this can be one of the great survival knives within the global ever made. Last, it comes with a heavy-obligation, black, pouch kind, leather sheath with fold-over flap and snaps closure which is a pleasing contact. It is hard to move wrong with a traditional, and the Buck Model 119 isn’t any different.



KA-Bar BK 7

The Ka-Bar Becker BK7 Combat Utility Knife become designed by way of Becker Knife & Tool to be the closing all-purpose utility knife for each squaddie and survivalists who want a noticeably lightweight survival knife for heavy-duty use. KA-BAR has been widely known via survivalists and army personnel for years. Here are the Specs for the BK7:

• Blade type: clip point
• Overall length: 12.75.”
• Blade length: 7.”
• Blade material: 1095 Cro-Van
• Rockwell Hardness: fifty six-fifty-eight HRC
• Handle Material: Ultramid
• Sheath Material: Nylon
• Weight: zero.Eighty-five lb.

In reality, its long blade mixed with its terrific blade design and its directly slicing face make it imminently well suitable for its role as a preferred reason survival knife. Featuring a 7” clip factor blade with a deep saber grind made from 1095 Cro-Van (provides both Chromium and Vanadium to Carbon and Manganese) excessive carbon tool metallic with a black, corrosion resistant, coating and a Rockwell Hardness of fifty six-58 HRC, the BK7 is a high preference for a definitely hard survival knife so that it will stand up to most any process inclusive of light chopping, splitting, and digging.

Plus, it functions complete tang construction and a very ergonomic take care of layout with taking care of slabs made from “Ultamid” (aka Zytel) which is a custom made polyamide this is tough and impervious the absorption of moisture.

Due its medium length, the Becker BK7 Combat/Utility Knife may be very properly suitable to be used as a preferred purpose camp knife on account that it’ll carry out maximum any activity you might want it in a survival scenario from constructing survival shelters to building traps and snares to getting ready the nighttime meal. It also comes with a heavy-duty, MOLLE compatible, nylon sheath.



Schrade Fixed Blade Knife

A satisfactory providing from Schrade, the Extreme Survival model SCHF9 is an exquisite choice for those individuals who decide upon non-stainless tool steels over stainless steels due to their exceptional durability and ease of sprucing. It is additionally the maximum finances friendly knife on the list which is a real element for oldsters with a sub $100.00 knife investments. Here are the specifications:

• Blade kind: drop point
• Overall Duration: 12.1.”
• Blade period: 6.4.”
• Rockwell Hardness: Unknown
• Blade cloth: 1095 High Carbon
• Handle fabric: Plastic Elastomer
• Sheath material: nylon
• Weight: 16 ounces.

Featuring a 6.Four-inch drop point blade with a recurved slicing side and a hollow grind made from 1095 non-stainless, high carbon, device metallic, the Schrade Extreme version SCHF9 is a good concept out design. For example, the instant segment of the reducing area is the first rate for polishing stakes and slicing notches while the deeply curved phase near the top places the knife’s stability point properly forward to make it a greater powerful chopping tool.

The 1095 extreme carbon device metal is the correct choice for a heavy responsibility knife which can expect to see robust use. Also, the manage is extremely nicely designed with a very ergonomic form that is specially designed to healthy the human hand with finger grooves to offer a comfortable, elegant, grip. Also, the cope with scales is crafted from Thermo Plastic Elastomer that’s a cloth that presentations the properties of each plastic and rubber. Therefore, the grip in this knife is both extraordinarily difficult and, it also gives a cushioned, non-slip, grip.

Schrade rounds it out with a heavy responsibility nylon sheath with a single, buckle closure, pocket on the front.




The Randall Adventure & Training Company entered the knife marketplace with their personal ESSE brand of knives in 1997, and due to the fact then, ESSE Knives have ended up widely recognized for his or her exceptional of layout and artistry. In truth, the ESSE 6 with an undeniable area is one of the top rated knives available on the market today. Let’s examine the specs:

• Blade kind: Drop Point
• Overall period: 11.Seventy-five.”
• Blade time: 6.5.”
• Blade cloth: 1095 High Carbon
• Rockwell Hardness: fifty five-57 HRC
• Handle fabric: linen Micarta
• Sheath Material: Kydex
• Weight: 12 oz.

It is apparent that when your knife is designed by way of a barren region and jungle survival education specialist in particular for the sole motive of survival, that it should be near the top of the p.C. In great. So, in case you are looking for a tough, medium sized, high first-class, survival knife, you cannot move wrong with the ESSE 6.

With 6.5” drop factor blade crafted from 1095 excessive carbon device steel with a flat grind, a black, corrosion resistant coating, and a Rockwell Hardness of fifty five-fifty seven HRC, this knife is without difficulty on par with the KA-BAR knives indexed above but, it has a totally unique blade layout. In fact, it is layout resembles a hunting knife ways extra than it does a combat knife.

While the drop factor blade positions the end near the center line for unique manage, the flat grind offers the perfect compromise among the razor sharpness of a hollow grind and the edge longevity of a saber grind. Plus, the coil functions a shallow finger groove to permit the consumer to transport their hand ahead at the grip and area their index finger inside the slot for substantially additional control over the threshold while carving. This knife is a first-rate desire for a difficult, fashionable cause, survival knife.

Besides, it capabilities entire tang production for superior energy with a hand filling, especially ergonomic, deal with the design made from linen Micarta cope with scales connected to the tang with three Allen screws. Not best is the face very cozy; it also gives the person with a nearly durable, non-slip, grip this is impervious to the absorption of moisture. ESEE wraps it all up in a pleasing bundle with a molded Kydex sheath which isn’t best extremely difficult; it is also completely waterproof.



ESEE Laser Strike

The ESSE Laser Strike knife is relatively unusual amongst survival knives in that it features a spear factor blade instead of ESSE’s fashionable drop point layout. However, many experienced desolate tract survivalists remember the spear element blade design to be the last bushcraft/software knife blade design due to the fact the tip is placed without delay in line with the middle of the blade for relatively efficient piercing at the same time as preserving sufficient belly to nonetheless make a terrific skinning knife. Let’s observe the specs:

• Blade type: spear point
• Overall period: 10.”
• Module duration: four.Seventy-five.”
• Blade material: 1095 High Carbon
• Rockwell Hardness: 55-57 HRC
• Handle cloth: Linen Micarta
• Sheath Material: Kydex
• Weight: nine.Five oz.

Featuring a 4.Seventy five” spear factor blade made from 1095 high carbon device metallic and a Rockwell Hardness of 55-fifty seven HRC with a flat grind and a black, corrosion resistant, coating, this knife is an appropriate companion to the ESSE Jung last. The high carbon tool metal makes it a sturdy little knife while the mid-range Rockwell Hardness allows it to keep a part nicely without being excessively hard to sharpen.

It capabilities whole tang creation with a noticeably ergonomic manage layout crafted from linen Micarta handle scales attached to the tang with 3 Allen screws. Not most effective is the take care of very comfortable just like the ESEE 6, it additionally affords the consumer with the same nearly indestructible, non-slip, grip this is impervious to the absorption of moisture. ESEE finishes it off with a molded Kydex sheath which is not most efficient extremely tight, and it’s also completely water resistant.



So, as you could see, there’s clearly pretty a piece to remember while looking for the first-rate survival knife available on the market these days. In reality, just seeking to pick the first-class blade duration, the high-quality blade design, and the first-class blade steel make the project hard sufficient without considering all the other elements including cutting area layout, tang production, and the layout of the take care of and fabric from which it is made.

Rather than deliberating a survival knife as an single, all-motive, device, it is miles useful to rather think of them as purpose particular gear which includes heavy obligation choppers, camp knives, and application/bushcraft knives. A right heavy cutting device is characterized by means of an additional heavy blade 10” to fourteen” in duration with a weight ahead design crafted from an excessive carbon tool metal inclusive of 1095, 5160, O1, or A2 in place of a stainless-steel and it must feature a shallow saber grind combined with a non-slip cope with layout crafted from a hard material. You can see some blades we recommend for those functions using sorting out the object right here.

An accurately camp knife is characterized through trendy reason blade layout starting from 5 to 8 inches in duration with either a deep saber grind or a flat grind crafted from an excessive exceptional stainless steel designed for the motive which includes AUS-eight or 440C combined with an ergonomic manage layout.

A utility/bushcraft knife can be both a fixed blade or a folding knife and is characterized with the aid of a far shorter blade ranging from three to five inches in duration with both a flat grind or a hollow grind for advanced sharpness and crafted from a excessive first-class chrome steel designed for the cause which includes AUS-8 or 440C.

By deliberating survival knives as a system in preference to a single, all-purpose, device, you can combine a compact heavy chopper with a small camp knife or a massive camp knife with software knife to shape a whole device so that it will make certain which you constantly have the proper knife for the process to hand.

Other knife models: