The Best Exfoliators for Rosacea in 2017- Top Expert Reviews & Picks

In our willpower to supplying you with not anything, however, the first-class, we’re imparting the five high-quality exfoliators for rosacea. This merchandise had been cautiously selected from 15 different manufacturers based totally on their capacity to remove dead pores and skin cells, stimulate cell turnover and reveal a more even pores and skin tone- without triggering flare-ups.

A Quick Take At The Best Exfoliators for Rosacea

TreeActiv Four in One Acne Treatment may be used as a gap treatment, face wash, exfoliator, and mask. It has moisture maintaining residences which your pores and skin will sincerely love.

Teva Skin Science Papaya and Honey Exfoliation Mask, in the meantime, uses papaya enzymes and honey to provide gentle exfoliation whilst moisturizing your touchy skin.

Falls River Soap Honey Oatmeal Soap Bar combines honey and oatmeal. It’s home made with herbal substances to ensure that your pores and skin stays in its prime condition.

FarmHouse Fresh FarmHouse Fresh One Fine Day Shea Sugar Facial Polish is another product it truly is made of herbal substances. It has a pleasant scent that permits you to loosen up even as pampering your pores and skin.

Reviews of The Best Exfoliators for Rosacea

#1 – TreeActiv Four in One Acne Treatment
Best Exfoliators for Rosacea - TreeActiv Four in One Acne Treatment

Before you increase your eyebrow on this one, allow me to straighten things up.

Yes, it’s a pimples remedy. However, it’s accurate for Rosacea, too. How?

Since it is a face and frame cream, you can experience loose to use it anywhere you enjoy pores and skin irritation, dryness, or ache.

Humectant, if you’re questioning, allows preserve moisture to your skin and is considered right for human beings with Rosacea. On top of moisture, it also enables beautify the penetration of products into your pores and skin.

Aside from this substances, you will additionally find Aloe Vera juice, witch hazel, and grapefruit essential oil within the product. It has honey powder as nicely which gives antiseptic and antibacterial advantages.

A gentle reminder:

You must upload a bit of water into this exfoliator before the use of it in your face. Since it’s quite smooth to overdo and make the product runny, I advise you start off with small drops of water and add greater until you’re able to get the proper consistency.

It does include a gritty texture so make sure you operate a gentle motion in rubbing it.

Did I point out that that is a four-in-one product? Aside from being an exfoliator, you may additionally use it as a face wash, mask and spot remedy.

What We Like:
Contains natural humectants
Multipurpose product
Offers masses of blessings
What We Didn’t Like:
A little gritty in texture
A bit harsh to use as a mask
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#2 – Teva Skin Science Papaya and Honey Exfoliation Mask
Best Exfoliators for Rosacea review - Teva Skin Science Papaya and Honey Exfoliation Mask

Teva Skin Science Papaya and Honey Exfoliation Mask incorporates honey and botanical extracts to give your skin the deep cleansing it merits. It has a hundred% natural substances which make it an incredible preference for Rosacea pores and skin.

To start with, you only need a small quantity of the product per exfoliation. You can use it two to 3 times in line with the week, depending on your pores and skin’s reaction.

Since exfoliating rosacea skin may be elaborate, I recommend you strive the product once per week first and see how your pores and skin will react. Although this exfoliator is made out of herbal components, you still want to remember the fact that every pores and skin reacts in a different way.

The product does not have abrasive scrubs for exfoliation. Instead, it has enzymes to break down your dead skin cells whilst doing away with unfastened radicals and inspiring pores and skin mobile regeneration.

What We Like:
Natural ingredients
Doesn’t include harsh scrubs
A little goes a protracted manner
What We Didn’t Like:
A bit highly-priced
Small quantity
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#3 – Falls River Soap Honey Oatmeal Soap Bar
Top rated Exfoliators for Rosacea - Falls River Soap Honey Oatmeal Soap Bar

Falls River Soap Honey Oatmeal Soap Bar is a piece unique from the different products in this list as it comes in the form of a cleaning soap. However, don’t underestimate its capability to do mild exfoliation in your rosacea pores and skin (severely).

The product carries oatmeal that may gently exfoliate and provide moisture at the equal time. It additionally has honey this is regarded for its potential to fight bacteria while soothing indignant and inflamed skin.

The excellent component about this exfoliating cleaning soap is that it’s crafted from natural elements. It’s homemade, too.

One thing I actually have to inform you about this product is that it can turn weepy or rancid if you preserve it in a non-ventilated storage. You may additionally need to maintain it away from direct sunlight to make sure its best colorations do not fade right away.

What We Like:
Contains oatmeal for exfoliation
Made from natural substances
Smells top notch
What We Didn’t Like:
Can turn rancid with incorrect storage
Edges of cereal bits can be abrasive
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#4 – FarmHouse Fresh FarmHouse Fresh One Fine Day Shea Sugar Facial Polish
Top picks Exfoliators for Rosacea - FarmHouse Fresh FarmHouse Fresh One Fine Day Shea Sugar Facial Polish

FarmHouse Fresh FarmHouse Fresh One Fine Day Shea Sugar Facial Polish contains 96.Five% natural elements and is gluten-loose. It exfoliates without drying your skin- or triggering your rosacea.

The product has an amazing fragrance: the scent of vanilla, citrus, and sugar. It received’t leaves your skin feeling tight however it may leave a chunk of residue.

Aside from exfoliation, you could additionally use it to de-stress or in pampering your self after a stressful day at work.

However, here’s the component.

This sugar polish is exceptional for humans with dry and sensitive pores and skin but it could now not paintings as amazing for people with oily pores and skin.

What We Like:
Has herbal ingredients
Doesn’t depart the skin dry or tight
Has a pleasing heady scent
What We Didn’t Like:
Not for oily pores and skin
Leaves residue
Not enough granules
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Exfoliation: Is It Safe for Rosacea?

The concept of scrubbing or even the use of exfoliating products in your sensitive skin would possibly make you cringe, and that’s understandable. Like, why might you ever rub your pores and skin if it’s already irritated?

Here’s the idea:

When you exfoliate, you cast off your skin’s topmost layer to assist display a more healthy one. For rosacea pores and skin, but, this turnover occurs more regularly than regular- even without exfoliation.

This consequences in the dry and flaky skin that are two situations that might want you to do not forget exfoliation greater.

So, what ought to you do? Simple.

Evaluate your skin first. If it’s too sensitive, you should likely trash the entire idea of exfoliating and stick with your gentle facial cleaner.

In case your skin is able to tolerate slight exfoliation, make sure to keep away from products that comprise plenty of harsh chemical substances, abrasive scrubs, and drying ingredients. You have to additionally keep away from cleaning your pores and skin too tough to keep away from negative it and triggering flare-ups.

The Better Way to Exfoliate Rosacea Skin

Exfoliation is the procedure of removing dead pores and skin cells from the surface of your pores and skin. There are tons of methods to do that- properly, now not when you have first-rate touchy skin.

For rosacea pores and skin, your picks are pretty limited.

You can’t do an excessive amount of mechanical exfoliation as it may best cause your circumstance extra. You can’t also use chemical exfoliation for the reason that a few chemical substances may be too harsh for your skin.

One true alternative to those techniques is the usage of enzymes. It’s a shape of chemical exfoliation without robust artificial elements and poor results.

Enzymes can assist smash down the bond that holds your lifeless pores and skin cells collectively so one can easily be removed. They also are able to do away with the proteins and other impurities are sitting deeply internal your pores.

You can get those enzymes from herbal elements, like papaya and pineapple. You also can locate them in yogurt and different result.

One of the best ways to apply enzymes for exfoliation is by using it as masks. Technically, you have to observe it in your pores and skin and leave it for around 10 to fifteen minutes earlier than rinsing off.

After use, you must count on a slight or very slight burning sensation. Your face may even flip a bit purple.

This is a superbly normal response and ought to no longer reason any alarm- except it doesn’t leave speedy. If this is the case or if you see it worsening or if you broaden itching and burning ache, rinse it off right away and look at your skin.


For this roundup of the excellent exfoliators for rosacea, we’re setting Teva Skin Science Papaya and Honey Exfoliation Mask as our top product. Aside from its enzymes, it additionally has honey which offers plenty of advantages even to sensitive skin.

Take be aware that exfoliation is not continually secure for rosacea pores and skin. If you’re making plans on adding this step to your skin care recurring, make sure to assess your pores and skin first or consult your dermatologist for proper advice.