The Best Face Mask for Combination Skin in 2017- Top Expert Reviews & Picks

“In our commitment that will help you screen a higher version of yourself, we have gathered and reviewed five of the pinnacle facial masks made for combination pores and skin. This merchandise had been then assessed based totally on their capability to control shine, usability, and friendliness at the finances so that we are able to present to you what we suppose is the little face masks for combination pores and skin.”

At A Glance: Our Choices for The Best Face Masks for Combination Skin

The Bentonite Clay (Indian Healing Clay) by Molivera Organics detoxifies and regenerates the pores and skin to enhance its look. It also helps growth blood circulation for an extra radiant glow.

Go for Biore’s Self Heating One Minute Mask for a quick yet powerful treatment. Enriched with charcoal, this melts away oil and dirt by opening pores and drawing impurities away from them.

Choose the Neem Clay Mask by JustNeem for a mask complete of anti-microbial characteristics. It additionally guarantees vibrant, clean, and healthy pores and skin, and is appropriate for all skin kinds.

The Deep Cleansing Mask by Thena Natural Wellness promises speedy consequences. It is also a 4-in-1 product and is derived in a tube package to make utility easier and prevent it from drying out.

Freeman’s Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask is a scrub and a mask in a single. It is enriched with charcoal to take in excess oil and black sugar that helps in exfoliating the skin.​


#1/ Bentonite Clay (Indian Healing Clay) by Molivera Organics
Molivera Organics

Its 100% Pure Sodium Bentonite Clay content makes this the lovely face masks for combination pores and skin. This element has quite a few advantages which include being superb for dry skin and removing pollution.

Hypoallergenic and chemical-unfastened, this can be used by people with sensitive pores and skin. It is quite detoxifying and leaves pores and skin clear, with minimized pores, and with a very one of a soft glow.

Rejuvenating and detoxifying, Bentonite Clay acts like a magnet. It is capable of generating an electrical rate that entices impurities and toxins that degrade the fitness and appearance of the skin.

It also promotes blood circulation and helps in replenishing minerals in the pores and skin. Also, because it regenerates and heals pores and skin tissues, this masks enables to enhance the look of wrinkles and scars.

Aside from the face, this product can also be used on the hair and the body. It increases the hair’s ability to soak up moisture to make it livelier, greater viable, and softer to the touch.

What We Like:
You can see a difference after the primary use
Gives face a youthful glow
A little goes a protracted way
What We Didn’t Like:
Comes in powdered shape
Manageable, however, can be too robust for touchy pores and skin
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#2/ Self Heating One Minute Mask by Biore

Because it includes charcoal, this could work great in your combination pores and skin. Charcoal is outstanding at absorbing extra oil and dust from the pores, leaving you with clear, blemish-loose pores and skin.

On-the-move humans will love this product. Activated by water, the mask gradually heats up as you massage it for your pores and skin—it is going to now not harden, and after a minute, you can completely wash it off.

What’s cool about this masks is it offers you distinct sensations. It warms up at the same time as establishing the pores to take away dirt and cools down after rinsing it off to offer you tingly-clean skin.

Tested by dermatologists, this product is oil-free. It additionally boasts of being the winner of Allure’s Best of Beauty Award in 2014 and 2015 as well as the Readers’ Choice Breakthroughs in 2015.

This product doesn’t dry out the skin, and in our opinion, very hygienic to apply. It is also ideal for lazy humans, because permits be real: ready 10 minutes for a mask to dry is a LONG time.

What We Like:
Quick but effective
The warming and cooling sensations
Provides a deep clean
What We Didn’t Like:
Contains fragrance
Can purpose breakouts
May no longer be for sensitive pores and skin
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#3 Neem Clay Mask by JustNeem

This is a must-attempt product because of its Neem and French clay contents. Soothing and antimicrobial, this mask calms skin and deals with the foundation reason of the hassle.

Known to be hydrating, Fresh Green Clay eliminates the drying tendencies of the clay and removes toxins. Neem, then again, enables in soothing, repairing, and defensive the skin.

This product additionally consists of portions of Neem leaves and a mixture of critical oils. The former gives a slight exfoliation, at the same time as the latter tighten pores and help captivate the senses.

Gentle, this clay masks can be utilized by people with sensitive pores and skin. This product follows a holistic technique and makes use of the high-quality of nature to present you clearer, smoother and a more fresh face.

A fusion of Peppermint Essential Oils, Lavender, and Rosemary helps revive the spirit and calm the mind. Aside from aroma, it promotes blood to move to generate a greater youthful glow.

All you need in face masks is here. Neem has high tiers of Vitamin E, is exceedingly antimicrobial, and packed with antihistamines, which makes it an amazing answer in combating pores and skin problems.

What We Like:
Actually reduces best traces
Provides a cooling effect
Minimizes pores
What We Didn’t Like:
Some determined the odor intolerable
Can dry out pores and skin
Not so exquisite with pimples
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#4/ Deep Cleansing Mask by Thena Natural Wellness
THENA Natural Wellness

This face mask includes one hundred% natural Dead Sea dust. The minerals found in this ingredient hydrate, soothe inflamed skin, and soften dry pores and skin.

Dead Sea dust is rich in magnesium and sodium, and minerals recognized to give remedy to many pores and skin situations. These encompass hives, psoriasis, eczema, and rashes.

A 4-in-1 product, this masks detoxify, purifies, hydrates, and nourishes the skin. It is made from 100% natural ingredients, has anti-getting older characteristics, and may be utilized by people with sensitive skin.

This product claims to be the “fountain of kids.” With pores and skin pleasant elements like Shea Butter, Aloe, and Vitamin E, it refreshes and revitalizes the pores and skin and improves its normal elasticity.

Unlike another face mask, this product is available in a tube to make it extra journey-friendly. It also dries and hardens up fast, requires no attempt to scrub off, and does not go away the skin dry.

Nourishing and clarifying, this masks can be utilized by both males and females, whatever your pores and skin kind. Moreover, because it uses natural components, this product may be used in any part of the body.

What We Like:
Great at decreasing large pores
A little is going a protracted manner
What We Didn’t Like:
A little high-priced
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#5/ Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask by Freeman

The charcoal and black sugar contents are some things your combination pores and skin. Activated Charcoal absorbs impurities and extra oil, and Black Sugar exfoliates skin.

Perfect for all pores and skin kinds, this product doubles as a scrub and a mask. It cleanses the skin and improves typical clarity and softness with out overdrying the pores and skin and leaving it feeling tight.

The texture of this product is a chunk gritty, such as a facial scrub in preference to masks. It is also a touch thick, however, whilst you start working it into your skin, it will become thinner and less complicated to spread.

Moreover, since that is a warming mask, anticipate a mild warming sensation once it touches your pores and skin. It is but a fulfilling revel in (no longer burning or tingling,) and is going away pretty without difficulty.

What We Like:
A 2-in-1 product
Relaxing warming effect
Leaves you with toddler-easy pores and skin
What We Didn’t Like:
Not perfume-loose
May now not be for touchy skin
Can be tough to use in the beginning
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Top 5 Benefits of Wearing a Facial Mask

Facial Masks are probably one of the maximum left out merchandise in skincare. Some suppose they aren’t important. However, we’re going to bust that fable and show why you need them in your existence.

First is they assist you to loosen up. Aside from improving your pores and skin’s universal appearance, the usage of facial masks can also be therapeutical and a way of relieving stress.

The use of facial masks must be visible as a shape of treating yourself, so ensure to set some “me time” aside whilst giving yourself this “treat.”

Second is that they easy deep down. Using facial mask can help get rid of extra oil and dirt your normal cleaner may have left behind.

Wearing masks let you “detoxify” your face, which leads to a stepped forward appearance of pores you can sense and notice.

The third is they assist in unclogging pores. Having clean pores result to having radiant, beautiful skin.

They additionally promote skin that glows. Face masks help in stimulating the stream of blood, which then outcomes in an average improvement within the way you appearance.

Lastly, they assist whole your skincare habitual. Face mask make other skin care products be absorbed higher and hence, be extra effective.

The Ingredients of the Perfect Facial Mask​

Choose a mask that incorporate emollients, as they may be extraordinary at keeping moisture in the pores and skin. These encompass dimethicone, ceramides, and hyaluronic acids.​

Look for those who incorporate salicylic acid. This factor allows reduce the manufacturing of oil and consequently, decreases pimples.

Go for masks containing clay. Rich in silicates, clay leaves a sleek residue on the pores and skin’s floor, which makes it experience briefly clean.


Wearing face mask need to be the final step in every skincare habitual. They do a powerful job in clearing your complexion and is actually like the icing on the cake.

The Bentonite Clay (Indian Healing Clay) by M Olivera Organics is the winner of this roundup as the exceptional face masks for combination skin. It promotes cellular regeneration to lessen fine lines and tightens pores and skin for a younger look.

This product reduces the arrival of pores for that poreless and fantastic look. It also can be used for the hair, to carry lower back the existence it once misplaced because of certain factors.

Most importantly, it’s miles very low-priced. Even the hundreds ought to experience this great product, so we incredibly suggest which you get hold of this proper now.​