The Best Face Washes for Combination Skin in 2017- Top Expert Reviews & Picks

“In our commitment to help you begin your beauty routine right, we have got collected and reviewed five of the pinnacle facial washes designed for combination pores and skin. They have been then ranked based on their components, their compatibility at the skin, and their affordability till we picked out what we experience is the excellent face wash for mixture skin.”

At A Glance: Our Choices for The Best Face Washes for Combination Skin

The TimeWise 3-In-1 Cleanser by using Mary Kay is an all-in-one product. It cleanses, exfoliates and freshens to reveal younger-searching skin and regain the balance misplaced in an aggregate skin.

First Aid Beauty’s Face Cleanser is actually magic in a tube. It is dermatologist-advocated, gentle for all pores and skin kinds, and packed with substances that combat unfastened radicals.

Try the Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Cottonseed Clarins for a mild but powerful purifier. It perfectly cleanses at the same time as neutralizing the drying outcomes caused by severe water.

Biore’s Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser boasts of its Skin Purifying Technology that says to deal with the desires of this particular skin type.

Alba Botanica’s Good and Clean Daily Detox Foaming Cleanser is something that makes use of a hundred% vegetarian components. It offers natural cleansing at the same time as nevertheless being mild on touchy pores and skin.


#1/ TimeWise 3-In-1 Cleanser by using Mary Kay

Mary Kay
What makes this the excellent face wash for combination pores and skin, is its 3-in-1 movement. It additionally doubles as an anti-getting old face wash, so with this in hand, you’re genuinely getting extra of what you pay for.

Oil and perfume-loose, this product works notable on touchy pores and skin as correctly. Dermatologist-examined, it is miles hypoallergenic and has been clinically examined for allergy and pores and skin irritancy.

If you adore face washes that contain exfoliating beads, this one is for you. Some find that these beads add to the enjoy, plus it gives mild exfoliation to go away pores and skin clean and refreshed.

Most importantly, this product consists of Sodium hyaluronate. Known for its moisturizing qualities, this component is vital as it deeply hydrates the skin.

A plus is it is a top notch makeup remover, and can even do away with waterproof mascara. It can directly help trade your skin tone for everyday use, a great solution for folks who choose to move “naked.”

Unfortunately, we find this product too expensive. It also can be a tough object to find, so we advocate that you stock up in this so that you the hassle of locating this product received bother you.

What We Like:
Keeps oil at bay
Perfect for touch skin
A little is going a protracted way
What We Didn’t Like:
Contains exfoliating beads (may be nerve-racking)
Is hard to locate
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#2/ Face Cleanser via First Aid Beauty

First Aid Beauty
Its Allantoin content material makes this the satisfactory face wash for aggregate pores and skin. Perfect for dry skin, this ingredient is used to moisturize and save you minor pores and skin irritations and itchy, scaly skin.

It additionally incorporates Aloe Vera extract, which is tremendous for soothing dry pores and skin.

This product boasts of its “FAB Antioxidant Booster.” This combines Feverfew, Licorice Root, and White Tea, and those elements assist in combating the harm as a result of unfastened radicals.

This facial cleanser comes with a whipped texture that will become a delicious cream once blended with water. This sounds childish, but we suppose it makes the revel in other amusing and extra thrilling.

It is mild enough for regular use and is suited even for those with sensitive pores and skin. This cleaner is pH balanced and enables in retaining the skin’s herbal acidity to preserve it wholesome.

Another minutiae are this facial wash has been featured in the media thrice. The first was in Real Simple and Marie Claire magazines in 2013, after which in Journal magazine in 2009.

What We Like:
Can be used as a make-up remover
Intensely moisturizing
Does no longer go away pores and skin feeling tight
What We Didn’t Like:
Can clog pores
Can reason breakouts
Can dry out pores and skin
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#3/ Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Cottonseed through Clarins

First Aid Beauty
The inclusion of gypsophila makes this the best face wash for combination pores and skin. Nicknamed as “Baby’s Breath,” this root is known for its cleansing powers that can assist in purifying the pores and skin.

This face wash is available in a mild mousse and claims to be as useful as cleaning soap without all of the harshness. Gentle for everyday use, it actually works by way of retaining the natural moisture balance of the skin.

Packed with coconut extracts, this purifier softens and nourishes the skin to enhance its herbal radiance. It clears out any impurities, blemishes, and can also be used as a make-up remover.

It also doesn’t comprise any micro beads. This is a plus because it’s miles less likely you’ll locate it demanding, but additionally a minus as it does not provide that a good deal exfoliation.

A little of this product additionally goes an extended way. It sincerely leaves pores and skin feeling clean after every wash, and can assist in lowering breakouts and makes pores and skin less oily without overdrying it.

This facial purifier additionally lathers and rinses off effortlessly. It does now not leave a filmy residue behind, and even allows in neutralizing the drying consequences as a result of hard water.

What We Like:
Cleans deep
Does not depart skin feeling tight
Perfect for mature pores and skin
What We did not Like:
Not fragrance-loose
Can burn the eyes
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#4/ Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser by Biore


What makes this the quality face wash for aggregate skin is that it makes use of a Skin Purifying Technology. It promises a typical smooth even as keeping the natural moisture of the skin.

Safe for everyday use, this face wash cleanses deep down to purify the skin without clogging the pores. It is likewise oil-free, is hypoallergenic, and is examined and recommended via dermatologists.

This component can be a little thick and can come off a chunk slimy. A little of this product also is going a long way, and thinking about how inexpensive it is, is really worth your tough-earned money.

What’s top notch approximately this product is that it gets rid of excess oil minus any tightness. It is also an effective make-up remover, but won’t paintings nicely for water resistant mascara or eyeliner.

What we found fascinating approximately this wash is that it promises rapid effects. It claims to make “aggregate regions more balanced” in weeks, so if that excites you, you have to do this out.

What We Like:
Excellent at retaining oil at bay
Deep cleanses without overdrying
Highly moisturizing
What We did not Like:
Contains perfume
Contains parabens
Contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate
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#5/ Good and Clean Daily Detox Foaming Cleanser Alba Botanica

Alba BotanicaBeing crafted from a hundred% vegetarian ingredients makes this a sincerely decent face wash for combination skin. It is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and is even recommended with the aid of dermatologists.

What makes this wash exciting are its 10 AHA-wealthy botanical elements. Alpha hydroxy acids are top notch in treating dry skin, and knowing you’ve got 10 of this round makes it indeed fascinating.

This is a should-have for those who love moderate exfoliation. Enriched with a Fruit Acid Detox Fusion, it incorporates Rice and Green Tea that soothes at the same time as detoxifying and purifying the pores.

This facial wash is damage from the standard because it comes out in a creamy, nearly lotion-like consistency. It makes the skin sense so gentle after washing it off as if you simply carried out moisturizer.

The excellent element about this purifier is that it is loopy cheap. Plus, finding a product that has detoxifying residences is pretty rare for a drugstore object, so this one is a quite exact trap.

What We Like:
Made from 100% vegetarian components
Great for mature skin
Deeply moisturizes the pores and skin
What We Didn’t Like:
Can purpose breakouts
May not be for touchy pores and skin
Can dry out skin
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How to Choose the Right Face Wash

Cleansing your face is the first and maximum essential step in skin care. No count how first-rate or pricey your make-up is, in case you’re running with a dirty canvass, there simply is not any point.

Choosing a great face wash could make your face appearance more healthy and more youthful, so how precisely do you do it? Here are a few simple recommendations you could follow:

First is to decide your skin kind. For us with combination pores and skin, our face may be characterized by having an oily T-zone even as dry or sensitive on the others.
Next is to slim down your picks. Now which you’re familiar with your skin type, you can now consciousness on it and go out different face washes made for various skin types.

Face washes made for shiny pores and skin have to work the equal for combination pores and skin, so choose an oil-free purifier that cleans away excess oil and has a low pH level.

Additionally, you could want to avoid facial washes that include fragrances and different chemical substances (consisting of phthalates) as they can aggravate your skin.

The third is to take down notes. Because there are a variety of products to select from, preserving a “skin diary” permit you to recollect which might be the ones that labored and which of them did now not.
The closing tip is to do a survey. Ask your pals which merchandise have labored for them —simply keep in mind that what could have worked for your hard skin friend might always work for you.

Caring for Combination Skin

Caring for this pores and skin type is terrible, but isn’t always impossible. Below are a few guidelines when running with expert merchandise:

Have some consistency about your skincare. It is fundamental to get your pores and skin conversant in beauty products, which could result in your combination skin searching vibrant and extra radiant.
Consider the use of separate products. What may paintings for the oily areas of your face may not include paintings at the dry ones, and vice versa.
Exfoliate often, and opt for creamy or gel-based cleansers to prevent dryness. Stay far from the ones containing irritants, and stick to people with “for touchy pores and skin” or “mild” on the label.
Don’t forget about sunscreen. A true one usually has zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as its active elements.


Choosing a terrific face wash is important for having stunning pores and skin. Sure, you could hide blemishes with the right make-up, but no longer everyone has time for that.

If you have mixture skin, locating a facial wash may be tricky. It may be more of a trial and blunders, but there is one available that would meet your desires.

We have chosen the TimeWise 3-in-1 Cleanser via Mary Kay because of the high-quality face wash for combination skin. It comes in gel shape, and because the name implies, cleanses, exfoliates, and freshens in one move.

It also has anti-growing older houses. Gentle for use twice an afternoon, it leaves skin balanced to bring out pores and skin that’s greater youthful-searching.

A drawback to this product is that it comes with an excessive price tag. However, we think its charge may be left out since you will definitely be getting your cash’s worth.